Industrial Suit

Industrial suit TORSO EXA-W

A new solution for reducing stress to the body.
When lifting a heavy object with Torso, muscle activity is lowered in the erector spinae and biceps femoris,
thereby reducing the burden of muscle strength.



A lifting aid that greatly reduces the strain to the user when lifting a heavy object or performing repetitive lifting.



3kg(6.6 lbs)

Made with ultra-light weight materials Reduces stress when lifting heavy objects or performing repetitive lifting.



Weight support
Makes lifting easier on the user’s body
Increase productivity through great efficiency

main points

Return to the start position

Return to the start position

  • Reduce load on muscles and spine
  • Change torque according to user’s bending angle through the use of gas springs.
A non-powered mechanism

A non-powered mechanism

  • No battery needed
  • No charge required
  • Unlimited use
Easy to wear

Easy to wear

  • Consists of shoulder, thigh and hip power blocks
  • Size can be adjusted according to user’s body

How to wear

Just fasten the chest and waist buckles and secure the thigh cuffs, You’re ready!
You can wear it in 30 seconds or less!

  • How to wear
  • How to wear
  • How to wear
  • How to wear

Recommended for the people

Recommended uses include industrial work, lifting in the home and medical professionals lifting or moving patients.

  • Recommended for the people
  • Recommended for the people
  • People who move heavy objects and/or repeatedly lift objects in factories, farms, etc.
  • People who load heavy boxes into roll containers while bending their backs for a long time in a logistics warehouse
  • People who frequently carry heavy goods at large markets, furniture stores, etc.
  • Nursing care workers who frequently pick up, move, and wash patients.
  • Elderly individuals that have spinal pain or musculoskeletal disorders.