Bambini teens

An overground walking exoskeleton for pediatric rehabilitation

Bambini Teens is a robotic walking system developed specifically for children with congenital or acquired neurological disorders.
Active and passive gait programs provide options for a wide variety of users.
It is the first overground walking exoskeleton with powered ankle motion to enable more natural gait training.



  • Applicable user’s height : 110 ~ 160 cm (3’7”-5’3”)
  • Max applicable user’s weight : 65kg (145 lbs)
  • Indication : Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Multiple Sclerosis etc.


Passive & Active gait functions

01 Passive & Active gait functions

For more natural gait patterns, the system is equipped with ankle motors, to ensure active ankle function during gait. The ankle motors enable children with walking disorders to train with a heel-to-toe gait pattern.

Customized gait training is available according to the user’s ability (step height, step length, walking speed, step interval).

Active or Passive walking modes can be selected, enabling efficient gait training for each user. Children using Bambini in the Active mode can train while initiating each step with their own muscle function.

Emergency stop function

02 Emergency stop function

For added safety, the system is designed to detect abnormal walking patterns during training. Each powered joint is equipped with sensors that automatically stop exoskeleton motion if abnormal gait patterns are detected.

Therapists can also press the emergency button to stop the system immediately.

Easy and quick adjustments

03 Easy and quick adjustments

Cam levers allow for quick and easy adjustments to ensure proper fit for each user. (pelvis width, thigh length, calf length)

Ratchet buckles allow for micro-adjustments and quick release when donning and doffing Bambini.(pelvis corset, thigh cuffs, calf cuffs, users’ existing footwear)

Easy Training Data Management



Manage training data, and view training progress
at a glance in graph format.

File conversion

File conversion

Healthcare professionals can easily
convert therapy session results to
Excel or PDF files.

Patient Data Storage

Patient Data Storage

Patient’s data can be stored on the
secure tablet and easily reviewed in
future sessions.