ExoAtlet-I for Rehabilitation Exercise

ExoAtlet-I is a medical device developed for rehabilitation treatment for patients with lower limb walking disorders from diagnoses like stroke,
traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, etc. It is an innovative wearable exoskeleton that can be installed and utilized without restriction of space.
The exoskeleton is programmed to walk with a natural human gait and patient satisfaction is high throughout trainings.



  • High Capacity Battery
  • Indication : Stroke, TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), SCI (Spinal Cord Injury), Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis, Cerebral palsy


ExoAtlet-I is a wearable medical exoskeleton that provides enhanced gait rehabilitation training,
allowing users to stand with full support and walk a natural gait.

This innovative medical exoskeleton, is designed for the rehabilitation of patients with locomotive impairments to the lower limbs,
sustained as the result of an accident, operation or nervous system illness.
ExoAtlet-I can improve a patient’s quality of life by providing the freedom to ambulate with an optimized, natural gait pattern.

ExoAtlet-I improves patient rehabilitation satisfaction by enhancing gait therapy and providing the ability to walk in natural environments.

Easily Adjusted For Each Patient

01Easily Adjusted For Each Patient

ExoAtlet-I quickly adjusts to match the patient’s pelvis width and depth, thigh
length, calf length. Thigh and Calf cuffs can be adjusted to patient’s body.

Applicable height : 155 ~ 190 cm (5’1”- 6’3”)

High Capacity Battery

02High Capacity Battery

Equipped with a high-capacity battery pack, that ensures daily therapy sessions can be performed with multiple patients, on a single full charge. The CE certified battery also ensures patient and therapist safety during use.

03 Control Type

  • Method 1

    Certified Tablet PC Controlled
    by Therapist

    Bluetooth connection from the
    tablet PC to the exoskeleton
    allows the therapist to control
    the program and function
    through the CosmoRobotics app

    Tablet application

  • Control Type
  • Method 2

    Patient Smart Crutch

    Bluetooth Connected from
    crutch handle

    Operating controls on the
    crutch handle allow user to select
    programs and start or stop the
    exoskeleton function

    Smart crutch

Double Safety System

04Double Safety System

Therapist control handles and handle button ExoAtlet-I control handles allow the therapist to assist in balance and function
during exoskeleton use. The handle also includes a control button that allows the
therapist to initiate each step or stop function immediately, in the case of an emergency.


Motor sensor ExoAtlet-I uses 4motors that can efficiently and effectively power hip and knee function for patients up to 100kg(220 lbs). ExoAtlet-I motors include emergency stop sensors that detect missed steps, spasticity movements or rigid joint motions, during gait. When triggered these sensors will immediately stop the exoskeleton motion to prevent patient injury.




The mobile suspension system increases safety for both the patient and the trainer.
The suspension system increases patient stability and frees the trainer to focus on the patients’ session

By connecting the suspension system to the
exoskeleton, patients will walk with greater confidence
and reduced risk of falls,
The suspension system is equipped with adjustable
wheels, allowing for full or limited motion.
The green lever locks the trajectory of the system,
while the red lever locks the wheels and prevents motion
Patients can be quickly and easily transferred in and
out of the suspension system using seat belt like




Length can be adjusted according to the patient’s body size. Patients can train themselves by combining smart crutch.

02Smart clutches


03supports 4 Modes

  • Sitting downSitting down
  • standing upstanding up
  • walking in placewalking in place
  • walkingwalking

04Various Gait Patterns

Provides a variety of walking modes that can be set according to the user